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This picture comes with a warning. You might die from the cute.

Husky Coffee Company, we got two boxes stuffed full of toys today and we cannot wait to show them off.

Let’s do it LIVE. Want to meet this cute little guy? I am looking for someone to foster or adopt him right away, mama keeps beating him up. He needs out of H3 asap.

I’ll also draw the ticket for Koda the red husky.

Let’s do it Wednesday night around bedtime. 9pm CST. Seems to be the best time of day for me to find some quiet time. I’ll show you our silly bedtime routine with the huskies currently going through some form of rehab in here in the main house with me and I’ll let the huskies choose a toy and show you where they sleep at night.

See you LIVE this Wednesday night at 9pm CST.

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Jun 25

My daughter just about lost her mind. She is in love. 💗


What a gorgeous pup!!! 🐶


Omg he is sooooo adorable 😍 💖 💕 ❣️

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