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This is what it looks like when you're starving and pregnant.

I would absolutely spay/abort this husky, I am sorry if you disagree.

This one, however, is too emaciated to spay according to the vet... yet the babies will suck everything out of her anyway.

So not only was she neglected, starved so severely you can see every bone in her body, alone, raped and then on a list that leads to the bottom of a barrel in a high kill big city shelter, now she gets to feel up to eight unhealthy lives suck away every ounce of her and because she can barely provide enough to keep herself alive, she will watch her babies die from failure to thrive if they do manage to be born.

Ohh I’m sorry. Did you want the rainbow version?

There are no rainbows in rescue. Just dreams of a rainbow-colored bridge that leads these precious souls to the place where they can finally be free. Until that day. It’s just this.

Welcome to truth. Welcome to rescue.

Welcome halfway home. Here is what we can do. We can and will love and care for her through every minute she is enduring. We will see her through it and then give her life back. We will find her a family that will love her and make sure she smiles every day that leads up to her crossing that colorful bridge, and if her babies survive, we will do the same for them.

For those of you on this mission with me, I THANK YOU. For those here to share in my misery and heartache as well as joy and peace as we find them their forever... I thank you, for those who souls are tortured when you read my truth, I thank you.

They need us to feel this for them. Without that, they remain alone and without a voice. We are the change. BE THE CHANGE. BE THEIR VOICE. RESCUE.

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Prayers for this sweet soul to gain strength during her pregnancy and survive.🤗


Jun 24

I want to starve the people who did this to her. Like, chain them to a wall and put a feast out of reach so they can smell it, but not get it. Yeah... like that.

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