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Spring is all about new beginnings and I wanted to share Freya's with you.

We don't know a lot about her life before she came to us, but I can share what we do know. She is a beautiful red and white girl from Stockton, California. When she was transferred to H3 during a shelter sweep back in November her notes mentioned that she was a foster return. Freya was underweight and sick with kennel cough. In order to maintain the healthy weight, that she has managed to put on since coming to H3, she gets an extra meal and a nutrition supplement. Both of which were donated by the Greater GOODS Program.

Without their support, we would not be able to afford additional food, not to mention supplements (the tub in the picture retails for $51.99)! It has been wonderful watching her gain weight and confidence while she is waiting for her forever home.

Our donated supplies only tend to last for a few days, so if you would like to help feed the other 245 huskies in our care, please consider becoming a member of The Breakfast Club. It is just $4.99 a month! If every one of our followers signed up, we would never have to beg for food again.

And remember, anyone who does monthly support of $4.99 and up is automatically entered into our special monthly raffle (that is just for club members)! And you get access to subscriber only posts/emails, which means you get to see some really neat stuff before everyone else!

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Beautiful Freya 💓 😍

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