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Something HUGE is going to happen

Huge. You know how I know? I can feel it.

Well, Britney and I are about to do something huge.. maybe it’s related. We are going to attempt to raise 250k for our rescue and vet clinic. Yep, just lil old Brit and me, Jenni D HBIC.

How, might you ask?

Well, I’ll tell you in a few days. But what I CAN tell you NOW is that it will begin with a birthday, a little red riding hood, a big bad wolf and a red 40th anniversary Mustang convertible, donated to the rescue by an amazing family right here in Oklahoma.

Stick around. Hit follow. This you won’t want to miss. #huskyrescue #fundraising

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This sounds extremely exciting❣️


Wow, Wonderful People!! Thank You!!❤️


Bellisima Benelli
Bellisima Benelli
Oct 30, 2023

Wow, congratulations 🎊, can hardly wait! 🥰😍😘❣️

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