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One Week to Panda!

One week until our Panda Express Fundraiser! If you have signed up for their Rewards Program than you have been playing the Lunar New Year Good Fortune Scratchers along with me. Isn't it fun, I love learning about other cultures and traditions. Not to mention, I have won a free egg roll and a free small entree. Needless to say, I think that I will be having Panda for lunch and for dinner next week.

Remember anyone in the U.S. can participate in this fundraiser! You have to order online or through the app and enter code 917950 during check out or we do not get credit. The next fundraiser will be February 29th. There will be a new code assigned to that event date. Last time we raised $378.76 and had participants in MO, OR, IL, TX, IN, FL, KS, WA, VA, CO, PA, WI, NC, MD, IA, GA, OK, CA, and UT. Which state are you representing? For those who don't know, I am in Oregon! Go Ducks! -Tracy

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