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It’s your very last chance for car tokens.

Very last. 😮.

This time last year we didn’t have any concrete or drainage here to deal with our dog poop issues and I was here on FB begging for money to do it and you all came through and helped me out. Poop control for the birthday! 😂

Well, it’s happening again and has clouded everything I have been trying to do for my vet clinic. I wanted to offer car tokens today as an incentive to donate for the clinic but first I have to deal with the crap.

A few weeks ago, the last garbage company in town dumped us and we no longer have an option for disposal of the 600 piles of dog poop we get here daily. So I get to spend my brithday strategizing on what to do.

We have decided to drop a septic tank down next to the kennel that will handle the poop and then have it pumped every couple of months.


I am kind of excited about this 😂

Also, Instead of cake, we need food money. My post office has the truckload of food you guys ordered but it won’t last us through the weekend.


So for my birthday I am asking for money for food and to handle the food after the huskies eat it. Gone are the days I can just ask

for a night out or a day trip to the beach!

It’s all about the huskies now.

So can you please donate? It’s my birthday and my dear friend offered to match your donations up to $10,000.

Guys that would literally pay for the food and poop situation. I wanted so bad to raise money for the clinic and now dealing with husky sh!t.

PLEASE HELP me make my birthday not so shtty, cause right now, I just want to hide from it all. 😂

Donations of $50 or more get a car token. It’s a 2004 40th anniversary red mustang convertible and I am giving it to one of you on Christmas Day . You get a shot at it by donating for my birthday!!!

You in! PLEASE BE IN! If I can’t raise enough to deal with the sh!t then this year is going down the drain.


And go! I need 10k guys. It’s a lot of money but it doubles if you can help. We can deal with the dog poop and our low stash of food.

You can donate anywhere, just email you proof of $50 to and she will send back a token number.

All of our digital handles are

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Bellisima Benelli
Bellisima Benelli
Dec 14, 2023

Happy Birthday dear Jenni! God Bless you and H3 for all you do for these precious babies!!! 🙏 🥰🎂🍭🎂❣️❣️❣️

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