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People food though. Christmas food!!

I want each one of these huskies to have a huge plate of Christmas. It could very well be their first! Can you help me? I’ll probably need at least $500 to purchase enough for all of them.

But really, All Snow here needs is some snow to drop and we would have a bunch of happy huskies!

Since we won’t be playing in the snow this week, I’ll be spending time giving 250 huskies a Christmas dinner like we did for Thanksgiving and learning my lesson this time to start early!

It will take a week and about 10 more turkeys and hams to feed all these babes.

Soooo now would be a great time for me to ask for your help!!

Can you help me buy them a Christmas dinner? I’ll spend the week taking their pictures and feeding them your gift.

And don’t forget that each of these kiddos needs a sponsor for Christmas. Sponsoring a husky means we can get them their preventions and keep their bellies full.

Got 5 on it? If just 100 of you pitched in 5 I could buy all the turkeys. Can you help!? Donations are tax deductible!!

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Heather Bennett
Heather Bennett
18 déc. 2023

I need a link so I can drop $100 for the huskies!

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