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I NEED to rehome my red husky.

Please no hurtful, disrespectful comments. I am doing the best I can.

Not the black and white ones, they can stay. It’s the red one I need help with.

It’s just too expensive these days and really, I am trying to move to a different place, but this dog is weighing me down. I mean, he ate my couch, escaped the fence and killed my neighbor's cat, then he went for my other neighbors' chickens and then he came up in my house, beat up all my dogs and gave me 6 stitches.

(All real reasons these dogs are in rescue).

I just can’t do it anymore!

He will come with a rehoming fee of five bucks.

Seriously though, he is perfect. The perfect husky. You want him? I will transport him to your door anywhere in the country. (Well, USPS will)

Here is the link to take him away from this awful place.

(Ps. If you take this post seriously then just go... You won’t survive here).

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Jun 19

I am STILL ROFL at the Ps. 😂 I love you all so freaking much.

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