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Here is another chance guys!!!

In honor of Fred, the amazing human pack leader and all the halfway huskies that have crossed the rainbow bridge, Fred and his own pack have left H3 a 15k match if we can raise it in a week!

SOOOO... anyone that makes a $50 donation between now and and next Sunday night, will not only get a paw print on our sidewalk in your dogs honor but we will also give you a chance to win the car. Remember you cannot buy tickets or buy the car, it's sole purpose is to help us give back to our supporters that are donating to our cause. On Christmas Day we will draw a token out of a jar and if your name is on it, the car is yours so get that donation in and help us raise $30 THOUSAND DOLLARS for the rescue. Woot woot!! Today is going to be a great day. I just know it!! #supportrescue#inyourhonor#halfwayhusky#rainbowbridge

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