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Help Needed for Rescue Ride

“Well, hey there! My name is Otter, and I am looking for my people. While I wait, 9 of my buddies here are on their way to their forevers.”

“6 are going to a new foster home that we hope will become a “halfway hub” and they need help to get them there with gas money. They are traveling all the way up to Minnesota, my favorite snowy state. Can I find a home in MN too?” ~Otter

Can anyone pitch in $5 for a Rescue Ride?

HBIC is broke and needs money to access now for gas!! The money we made yesterday wasn’t quite enough to do the whole trip and it won’t drop into the bank acct for weeks! The rescue ride is happening now!! Donations are tax deductible if you can help us get there!! Got 5 on it? for Zelle, Venmo and PayPal donations and Melissa sends you a receipt right away!

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