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Golfing for Huskies!

Yes please!

Ohh I soo wish my daddy was still alive, I would have brought him here with me today and let him choose the huskies that get to live because of this sport.

Huge thanks to everyone in the golf association and at Alondra Park Golf Course, for donating the day to the huskies. With the money we raised today we were able to save 6 huskies from shelters here in LA County.

I’ll pick them up in a few days. They have all been chosen by a very special rescuer who holds a special place in her heart for CA huskies, even though she lives in Utah. I asked her to choose who is coming to H3 with me and I cannot wait to meet them all. Thank you, Nancy, for helping me save husky lives.

Husky rescue.. never a dull moment. Who knew that golfing could save so many lives?!

To my daddy, who I miss incredibly, this rescue was for you and I brought Sullivan with me here today so he could experience a little of what I did when I was a kid golfing with my dad.

In the meantime, 6 more huskies get their lives back and in just a few short days, they will all find themselves, halfway home.

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That is so beautiful, especially the sentiment behind it. Love it 🥰😍😘❣️

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