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Giving Tuesday is 1 Week Away!

Lucifer and I just wanted to throw a gentle reminder THAT IN ONE WEEK is the biggest day of the year to help out your favorite nonprofit...and most workplaces agree by doing matches. One week! It’s almost #givingtuesday.

I have already received my life saving email telling me that one of our amazing donors is putting up 25 THOUSAND DOLLAR MATCH. That means we could potentially earn 50k but my goal truly is 150k.

So please, please save us anything you can to throw in the pot, cause in one week you are getting another chance to add a token to win the Mustang and literally making your self a part of saving thousands of husky lives as we use the funds we earn towards our spay and neuter clinic. You in? Save the day, just 7 more sleeps. #givingtuesday #supportrescue #huskyrescue

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Gosh, I just love Lucifer SO very much!!!! ❤️


Love the expression on both of you.


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