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Find Us Live on Facebook this Saturday for the Raffle Draw

Hatchi and me have a couple of things to say and we are going to say it live this Saturday!

Hatchi is going to draw that raffle ticket for those cute huskies pens and keychains, he also wants to show off the paw prints he stamped in the new concrete, he wants to wish his rescuer, Bethany, a Happy Birthday and he will be updating everyone in the results of our most recent, most insanely generous fundraiser in honor of Bethany’s birthday.

Speaking of that fundraiser. We are just a couple grand a way from hitting 50k. Right now our number is at 15900 and after it’s double match well, you do the math. It’s a lot of money. Enough to get us our electric done.

Now that reality has set in, and we have raised about $35,00 MORE than Bethany was prepared to give, it’s time to say that if there is someone out there that wants to make a large donation and get the huskies that match, please reach out in advance so we can do it right and understand expectations. I don’t want Bethany put in a position that isn’t even possible by raising more. But I do want to push it to 50. . Happy Birthday Bethany. You are going to save alot of huskies this year. #teamwork #huskyrescue

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