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Childrens Book For Sale

Edit: At the time this blog post finally got put up on the website, there are 12 copies left to be purchased. So, this is your sign to go get one before you have to wait for the next printing! :D


I can’t describe the feeling of the memory of being a little girl and wanting to be a childrens book writer someday. I cannot even believe this day is here. ITS HERE!! THE DAY MY FIRST CHILDRENS BOOK IS AVAILABLE FOR SALE TO THE PUBLIC! Presale anyway!


The pretty lady in the picture is Cassandra from Pine Ridge Siberians, co-writer and co-owner of Mushing Halfway Home. An H3 Journey with PRS. Illustrations done by the amazing Cameo Anderson - Writer / Illustrator whom I stalked for a while on FB before reaching out to see if there was any chance she might want to work with me.

This book was written to help us spread the word about the state of homelessness this breed is suffering from all over the country. Maybe, just maybe, if we learn how to mush we could get ourselves adopted more quickly.

Here is the link for the presale! Books will ship by the end of September and from the start we will be selling only 200! This will allow us to get some books in stock so we can make sure they get into the hands of every school and every child that won’t have an opportunity to buy one but can read it in school or here while visiting the halfway huskies. Thank you so much for being here on this epic day where dreams really, really do come true.

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