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Another piece of my heart gone

My Sweet Sweet Caroline/ Mia 6/8/23- 12/22/23

Me and my girl survived death twice just for her to only be taken a few months later.  I am so angry and devastated my heart hurts. Why does this keep happening to my babies? WHY?

If this is a test to see how much I can take until I break I’m just telling you now. I won’t break. I will keep fighting you can knock me down and I’ll get back up. They need me more and I will always stand back up for them.

Caroline you will always have a piece of my heart, go play with your sisters now. So many waiting for you and I’ll see you when it’s my time. I love you little one.

To her family, I am so sorry. I’d give anything to bring her back to you. Thank you for loving her and giving her the best life even if it was cut way too short. You continued to show her how beautiful life is and showed her nothing but love and I will forever be grateful she got that.  Pneumonia took her, so me and Pneumonia have a huge bone to pick because it’s taken way too much this year. Spread your wings and fly sunshine, I’ll see you over the rainbow bridge.


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