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Annabelle back there doing a daily poke.

Her eyes when she feels it go in.

Miss PuffyB, rescued from OKC a few weeks ago was way too lazy for a girl her age. Turns out she is DIABETIC and needs daily insulin and who knows how long it had been since she got it last.

Lots of kiddos with special needs here.

PuffyB, Momma Mina and the rest of the huskies are asking if you will go to their Wishlist and help us out with a few items.

It’s hot. Keri donated a few of the stock tanks on the list and omg we need one in every yard.

The fans. The flies. The fans help the flies. We need a fan in each space. We need like 15.

Back to the flies. Fly traps are on the list too.

Paper towels. Bounty Paper Towels. Bounty paper towels make everything better here and we are out.

Food. We need wet and dry Purina One. BAD. We have some food leftover from Goods Program but we will run out in less than one week. We are almost out of wet food, and we need that daily for their rehab.

If you are shopping today, can you help us out?! Here is the wishlist.

Our address is

121130 S 4180 Rd, Eufaula OK 74432

If you use a different platform. We like Chewy too.

We soo appreciate your support

~Jenni D and the Halfway Huskies.

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Jun 24

What kind and size of fans, and from where do you get them?

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