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INTAKE HOLD with the EXCEPTION OF Apple Valley Animal Shelter. They are the only shelter I will be pulling from. Why? Because I want to rescue but I need to improve my processes first, so I am slowing down.

Still no word on Ruby. Not one. There is a $3000 reward to anyone with information that would lead to Ruby being back in my care.

I have heard so many different things. I hear the shelter euthanized 5 and I heard she was one of them but I haven’t heard anything or been able to confirm and not getting responses from the shelter. I heard they would send her ashes if it was her but when will I hear about that?

If you haven’t heard..

Last July I transferred Ruby to a special needs rescue. Mike and Melissa gave her a ride and “Taylor” met them at a gas station to pick her up.

Why didn’t we do a home check? Taylor said she would be in foster and my home checks have been gps and online info. Her place looked great from the sky. A mistake I won’t make again. Any rescue transfers I do I will need formal transfer paperwork just like a shelter. Copies of 501, and you must own your property. I would also deliver any husky myself and do a home check. I am also doing background checks. I, myself would be happy to submit that paperwork to another rescue anytime. I don’t think it would be a problem though because the last rescue I asked these things for ghosted me.

Britney will now be asking for more extensive video tours and unfortunately, we dont think it’s enough so any one who wants to adopt will get a visit from yours truly, Britney, Melissa or another member of my team.

I will also be doing background checks.

Adoptions have been slow and now they are even slower. My mind is riddled with guilt and worry about Ruby so it hasn’t been my focus. I do believe my tougher process will slow down adoptions even more so for that reason I have to slow down my intakes.

I you are messaging me with a husky in need, I apologize now for not answering. It isn’t you, it’s the more than 100 I get a day..

Please understand. H3 is meant to save all the huskies.. and we will.. but we have to do it right.

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So Cute!


I know that's a really hard decision. Pray Ruby is back.


Oct 01, 2023

I'm praying every day Ruby is found. My daughter and I are doing what we can to help find her. She was special and touched our hearts like no one or dog has ever done. 🙏🙏🙏

Bellisima Benelli
Bellisima Benelli
Oct 01, 2023
Replying to

Amen 🙏 💓

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