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She may be in danger. I KNOW. You think I am not doing anything?

You saw a post of a massive story involving a rescue and 55 special needs dogs and you think I haven't seen it? Some things that people are messaging with.

“I am trying to understand why you didn’t check her out. Her website, the red flags”

I don’t understand why you think you need to understand. Who are you? Do you work here? Volunteer here? Know anything about us at all? No, you don’t, you only know that Ruby is in danger and just assume we are the problem here.

Get your own rescue and make your own mistakes. You don’t get to come and question mine unless you put time, effort, tears, blood, sweat, worry, ect into that rescue.

“I am trying to wrap my head around how you didn't know.”

This one is my favorite. I don't even remember this person's name. Has zero to do with my work or being here helping, don’t even know who she is and she is trying to wrap her head around my problem here.

Listen babe, sweetie, silly girl, it’s not yours to wrap your head around.

For those of you messaging with genuine concern, I promise you that we are freaking out about this a MILLION TIMES more than you and are doing EVERYTHING we can to find her and get her back. Get off my back unless your concern is directed towards rescuing Ruby here and not blaming me for not knowing everything about everyone and making a mistake in rescue. I recommend you put all that energy into starting a rescue and saving hundreds and hundreds of dogs, and then learning how to make your rescue better by learning from your own mistakes.

Good luck with that.

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