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Whether you're looking for an adventure buddy or a lounging partner, Truffle is your girl. She's a medium-energy pup with higher-energy playful moments, making her a perfect balance for any lifestyle.

Estimated to be around three years old at the shelter, we believe Truffle is closer to seven. Her journey to Husky Halfway House is quite the story. A request came in to bring a van load of huskies from a shelter in Stockton, CA, and we had room at the time, so we said yes. They pulled 12 huskies from the shelter and put them in foster care until transport day. In the meantime, our facility caught a deadly virus and went on lockdown.

We faced a tough decision: should we risk these 12 huskies getting euthanized when the shelter runs out of space or their foster time runs out, or do we take a chance to save their lives by bringing them here during a strep zoo outbreak? We chose to try. By setting up a quarantine area and sanitizing things a million times a day, we were able to bring them in, and that's how Truffle found herself halfway home.

Truffle is treat-motivated and has a particular fondness for sunbathing. She can be quite talkative, adding her unique voice to the daily howl(s). In the first picture, you can see that someone is getting a talking to.

She gets along well with all the packs here but has a bit of an alpha personality, which honestly, only adds to her charm.

So, if you're looking for a playful yet chill companion who will keep you entertained with her goofiness, Truffle is ready to get back in the van and head to her new forever home with you!

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