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Your support is needed for this rescue ride.

Rescue Ride still going on*

I know it’s late and many of you are sleeping but I wanted to throw a little video at you anyway from earlier this afternoon, before I left the rescue, just in case your still up and interested.

I have 4 huskies in tow going to their foster and adoptive homes. I am about to stop to van camp for the night and thought it would be a great time to ask if anyone can help with a donation for this rescue ride. I also have the most amazing stuff going home with someone next week when we draw the next raffle.

Can you help? Buy a ticket or throw me some gas money?

Getting help with these rescue rides is huge. It keeps us from digging into the daily budget that’s needed to care for the 250 huskies here. Venmo, PayPal and Zelle are instant and donations are tax deductible. Pretty please.

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