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The truth is, I don't know.

To clear up some confusion, I thought I would tell the story in full.

I pulled this dog pictured, Jimbo, out of the Apple Valley shelter a few months ago. After the pull I received a message from his family saying he is theirs and they want him back. After multiple conversations and an official adoption, which has since been reversed, I agreed to bring Jimbo, whose name is Canelo, back to Apple Valley and back to the arms of his small humans. Drove him there myself after neutering, microchipping him and outfitting him with a collar with my number on it, in plain site.

It was less than a week later that I got a message from someone asking if I had lost a husky. When I asked the location and they said Apple Valley, I just knew it was Jimbo and made arrangement for a local boarding facility owner to pick him up and transport him back to me.

But then I went on a trip with Britney to rescue a few huskies for my birthday so I didn't get to hug him myself before he returned from AV.

I finally arrive home yesterday and rush to hug him, only to discover that this dog is much taller, way to skinny and has different facial markings, but wearing Jimbos collar.

Bonus birthday husky? A quick google search tells Me that this dog is Canelos FATHER, whose name is Copper.

So where is Jimbo? I do not know. The family is not answering the texts and they didn't answer the one telling them Canelo had escaped. They read the message though..

I can only hope that he is safe and happy. He is microchipped to me so if he ends up in the shelter we will get that phone call.

Now the PSA from H3's HBIC

I am angry about this and mad at myself again for trusting people and I am sorry to say that if you lose your dog and I have to yank him off a euth list to save his life, you will only ever see him again in your dreams.

People have ruined rescue for me. It's one thing to have to rescue a dog from death at a shelter but something else to have to rescue them from neglectful humans and each one that I have to deal with makes it much easier for me to be a cold, hard bitch when it comes to the next guy so for those of you that will jump on here and Instagram to criticize me for calling this family out, well you can stuff it, Or I'll stuff it for you. . This is simple, you neglect your dog and he ends up with me, well, you should say goodbye because I am done rescuing dogs for people, done, now it's about the dog and what's best for the dog, not what's best for your daughters sad heart. Do better. Do better for them or don't do it at all. . .

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