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Here it is. The bite post. I know many of you have been patiently waiting to hear about this subject and are wanting the transparency from H3.

The issue is that’s it’s very controversial so a warning now to scroll by if this will trigger anything for you.


Yes, I put the dog that attacked Mike and Britney, to sleep.

First. In my opinion, your opinion is just that, your opinion. I DO respect it and I would appreciate you respecting mine. Because I promise you that I feel the way I do, as much as you feel the way you do and we can agree to disagree or agree and have a productive, informative conversation.

I have personally and physically worked with over 1000 huskies now and the percentage is so low it’s not even worth mentioning how many huskies I have euthanized for being aggressive to humans.

Huskies are not aggressive to humans.

How do I know? Not because one family told me so, or because I read it on a FB post or even read it from someone who made lots of money publishing books, because I have physically, with my own eyes, worked with studied, observed and reacted to the behavior of over 1000 huskies at the worst times in their life. After being abandoned, abused, minutes from death, neglected and injured, starving, you name it, THEIR WORST TIMES.

Huskies are not aggressive to humans. Period. If they are, there is a very, very good reason.

My mission is to save lives., not end them.

Unfortunately, there are not enough people out there stepping up to help so guess what, we have to choose.

If I let that human aggressive dog live, hundreds of huskies who are not aggressive, will die and THAT IS NOT AN EXAGGERATION. That dog isn’t adoptable. This wasn’t a dog I adopted and found out later that I need to treat him a certain way to stay sane in our household, this is a dog I gave an extra chance at life to, a chance to provethat he should have it more than the hundreds of others that died cause he was chosen instead.

And he failed. this dog didn’t just react to a trigger, he, with full force with all of his consciences, attacked two humans, not with just a quick nip, but the way a dog would attack another dog with intentions of killing him.


For those of you who will unfollow my work now because you don’t agree, I hope someday you will save thousands of lives, and along the way learn the truth behind the dynamics of rescuing animals. Then you might change your mind.

I thought like you once. And then I needed to rescue thousands of dogs.

This post will bring lots of opinions. Let’s try to be respectful, and yes, I am talking to myself, and understand all sides. I invite both Britney and Mike to express their opinions about the situation or stay away completely.

I apologize to anyone that I have hurt with my decisions. I did save another life in his honor. Two actually, and I am on my way to the shelters to get them now. The dog pictured is not the dog that attacked Mike and Britney. This is one of my new kids who just happened to smile for the camera. His name is Huckleberry, and he is not aggressive to humans, at all.


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