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Puppy Torri

Little puppy Torri, we are here seeing the eye doctor to figure out what’s going on with her eye and what the best path forward is.

We could definitely use help with getting this bill covered today will be at least a 300 dollar day. So if you can donate directly using Venmo, PayPal, Zelle and or grabbing a couple raffle tickets that would be great and help us tremendously.

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4 comentarios

She is sooooo adorable! Cuddles needed she’s so precious! Lovable!!!

Me gusta

what wrong with her eye? my koda had eye issues lids and around her eyes were irritated she was losing her fur they gave me ointment and and after a month cleared up

Me gusta

Too adorable! Cuteness overload 😍

Me gusta

Awww she is gorgeous 😍 💖 ❤️ ❣️Bless her eyes and all of her!!! 🙏🙏🙏💓💓💓❣️

Me gusta
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