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Yesterday I asked you to help me save a bunch of lives by donating money to H3. With the around 8k you donated, we spent 5k on fence panels with gates and hardware, purchased and picked up and already here and being assembled, turned one of our cabins into a kennel now housing 10 huskies, gave the cabin its own yard, and rescued 9 dogs from OKC shelter in honor of the 80 they euthanized the other day.

My entire team worked 15 hours yesterday nonstop until everyone was safe and in their spots for the night, including the little momma that dropped a baby on me.

The new OKC kids are now in the quarantine space, we moved the CA kids into quarantine phase 2 and made sure no one is nose to nose. H3 doesn’t mess around and I am proud of what we do.

Thank you to the moon and back for your help. Together, till they all have homes.

#huskyrescue #savinglives

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