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Never Shave a Husky, New Kid in the Halfway House

See he didn’t know that beating up his kennel mate would get him in trouble so here he is.. in trouble, #becausehusky.

First and foremost. NEVER shave your double coated dog except for MEDICAL REASONS and rarely is the entire coat needed to be shaved. NEVER SHAVE YOUR HUSKY.

I was two hours from home from my big road trip and rolled through OKC shelter to bust this kid out. He thanked me by shaking his kennel mates pee all over me and refused to get into a kennel in the van and well, I didn’t want to get more soaked with pee making him go in. .

Thanks kid, welcome to Husky Halfway House. Now, let’s talk about the shaved everywhere but your face and balls. Splain yourself??

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