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My sweet Ruby Roo, tonight I will dream of you

I see you there, holding that little piece of my heart. You are standing tall, proud of your self as you feel how proud I am of you. You came into my life with your own mission, to teach me how to be a better rescue, to teach the world how to listen more carefully and to open our eyes to what others are capable of and you smile as you introduce me to the other 10 who lost their lives to the hands of a monster, a monster that each and everyone of you worked together to bring down, saving the lives of 47 others.

My little hero, Ruby Roo. Run free with your pack.

If you need me, I am here, just touch that little piece of my heart that you are holding and I will see you. Hug all of my halfway huskies up there in heaven for me and tell them all that I love them and that I will see them again, someday, over the rainbow bridge.

Rest in Piece my sweet girl, you are no longer halfway home. Art by

Cameo Anderson - Writer / Illustrator

#ripruby #chandler55 #stopanimalabuse

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