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Meet Kia

Kia was bought as a puppy from a licensed breeder here in Oklahoma back in 2019. And one day, the people who picked her out as a baby, got her spayed and gave her all of her shots, didn't want her anymore.

She doesn't know why she lost her home. Maybe they got a new puppy or had a baby. The reasons don't matter because all she knew is that they left her. At least they left her with us. It is rare for H3 to do owner surrenders, there are too many euth listed dogs that have run out of time, but there was something about Kia.

Maybe it was just the husky in her because as it turns out, she is an extreme escape artist! Luckily, when she escapes, she tends to stay close to home and will come in through an open door. At her leisure, of course. Don't try to tempt her with treats while she is running the neighborhood. You will be ignored. Otherwise, she loves treats!

Kia is full of energy, but in small bursts. Basically, she is queen of the zoomies! Also, a total cuddle bug who will flop right over for a belly rub at every opportunity. She would be just fine as an only dog, as she prefers her own space.

She will be five years old this fall, and her birthday wish is to have a home of her very own! Can you make her wish come true? Apply to adopt Kia today!

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