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Little miss Elsa went off to her #foreverhome yesterday.

She will be joining her H3 brother Hersey.

Both Elsa and Hersey came from a California shelter and both bonus puppies. Hersey and his sister Lacey were rescued back in March this year when me and Jenni went to CA. They were at the very last shelter we went too!

Little miss Elsa was rescued in September when Mike picked her up. We knew we were getting her but didn’t realize she was just a tiny little puppy I’ll never forget Mike calling: “umm am I supposed to have one this size”

So to my California babes, enjoy your forever together with your amazing mom. We will be here if you ever need us

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How is Brittney doing? She fell in love/concern removing Elsa from the crate….I’m happy those babies are together to console each other and give each other structure and security.


Bellisima Benelli
Bellisima Benelli
Oct 29, 2023

Go live your bestest life beautiful Elsa! 😍 😘💖❣️

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