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Last Night's Bedtime Story

I want to tell you a bedtime story. After all, it is bedtime. Got a minute?

Tonight, I wrote another letter to my huskies that have crossed the rainbow bridge. I want to read it to you.

Here goes,

To my halfway huskies in heaven, here I am, writing to you again, but today there will be no tears. Today we celebrate life.

This morning I sent you an angel. A tiny, fierce little angel who left with a spark, a spark that lit a fire that will make a change in this world, a change as big as she is fierce.

I called her Baby Bree.

Baby Bree is crossing the rainbow bridge now but don’t worry, she wont be alone. She has adopted a human. His name is Fred, and he is waiting there for her. He brought with him his own pack, who have vowed to care for Bree until I get there and share her space. Their names are Tacker and Shadow. They all roamed this earth together as you did with your humans.

You will see them always, and for that I am so happy.

Thinking of all of you together, the way you were here, is what drives me to keep fighting for each and every one of you, every single day. Until I see you again, when I won’t have to fight any longer.

As Fred walks my girl to you, I am reading the message he sent to me.

He asked me to keep fighting for the huskies and he gave me a few tools that will help.

He also asked that I send a message to all the people that have helped us in the past to team up with him to do so.

Lastly, he said he would watch over all of you and hug you tight for me as he gives Baby Bree the human pack leader she didn’t get when she left this world so quickly.

I am looking forward to seeing you all again, when I cross that rainbow bridge with one final mission, to go full circle and be with you all for eternity, after all, it was you that rescued me.

Until I see you again, love, Jenni D.

Thank you for listening.

Let’s say goodnight to Baby Bree

I’ll be adding her pawprint to the sidewalk so she will always be with us. RIP baby girl.

The pawprints are under way and looking great. I’ll share pictures soon. In addition to Baby Brees paw print memorial, I’ll be adding Fred, Tacker and Shadow.

A few weeks ago, a husky lover human crossed the rainbow bridge and met up with his pack. Before he left, he asked his family to leave the huskies at H3 something so in Fred’s honor his family has offered to match whatever H3 can raise up to FIFTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS and are giving us a week to do it. Raising 30k this week would be a massive help to our mission.

You can donate anyway you want. Every avenue will add together until we hit a week (next Sunday night) or 15k. On our website, PayPal, Venmo and Zelle. We will update our progress regularly.

Also, in honor of Fred, Tacker and Shadow’s match offer, we will add your dog's pawprint to our sidewalks here at H3, as a memorial or just to show support, while literally saving lives in your dogs honor. A $50 donation will not only get you a pawprint but we will also give you a shot at the car. We are 501c3. Donations are tax deductible.

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1 Comment

Heather Bennett
Heather Bennett
Nov 14, 2023

You made me cry Jenni. I am so sorry baby Bree didn’t make it but it sounds like she’s going to be in good hands. The question I always ask my husky is who rescued who? I say he rescued me because I have never met a sweeter soul than my boy. He may not have come from your rescue but he is a shelter dog none the less and he was given a second chance at a happy life of being so spoiled with everything he could ever want LOVE being the biggest thing.

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