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Is today over yet?

There are just 4 hours left till midnight when the waffle goes down.

But first.

I just dropped this baby girl off at Oklahoma Veterinary Specialist with an extremely high chance of never seeing her again. Not only is this vet the closest in my area that can do the tests, but they are 1.5 hours away.

Doc says all her lymph odds are massive, all of them.

When I rescued this girl from City of Stockton Animal Shelter back in November, giving her a second chance at life, I damn sure didn’t mean for it to be her living out her days in a halfway house with cancer.

Nela went in for her spay a few days ago and since she had been losing weight and was lower energy than a husky should be, we asked for extra blood work, the next few days have led to a downfall in her health and a realization that it’s worse than we thought.

This is the bill to keep her comfortable while formally diagnosing her condition, if you can help by buying those waffles, we would appreciate it.

I can’t even. Why? She just got her life back and had chosen a family!! Why!?

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