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If I Had One Wish

It would be to find this kid a good home that can handle his wolfiness. Not a sanctuary, not a rescue. Please do not tag sanctuaries or wolf dog rescues. They have enough of their own issues to deal with. Lucifer is back at the rescue for showing us just how much that extra 20 or so percent of content makes a difference.

I need a home that can handle a wolf dog, that has an enrichment filled enclosure that can, again, handle a wolf dog. No talks of crating or walking through the park. This is a wolfdog and he needs a wolfdog home.

But I have another wish. To keep H3 clean. We need help with cleaning supplies to make that happen. We are also in dire need of pill pockets.

Odoban, pill pockets and leashes are our biggest need.

Here is a link to our wishlist if you feel like sending the huskies something for #wishlistwednesday, in the meantime let’s all send out the biggest wishes for a wolf dog savvy home.


Applicants will have had previous wolf dog experience and need to answer the question correctly, “Will you let Lucifer sleep in your bed.” You will also have to have a current pack. Lucifer NEEDS companionship in the form of other dogs. He loves people, kids, small dogs etc. but he is a wolf dog and must live like one.

Here’s my link to apply to adopt.

and here is that Wishlist link one more time.

Pills pockets please!


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Aug 31, 2023

Leashes, a harness and cleaning juice is on the way! <3


Aug 30, 2023

Love you Lucifer 😍

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