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I lost a little girl tonight to cancer.

Just a few months ago I pulled her away from a situation where a syringe full of poison would have ended her life, purely for lack of space.

Tonight, that syringe came back and took her away from me anyway. And I am mad about it.

Before she left though, she told me a secret, a secret I was finally ready to hear and told me to share it with you and the ones I couldn’t save.

To my halfway huskies in heaven,

Tonight, I am sending you another angel. You won’t see her much as she will be busy with the ones I couldn’t save.

Her name is Nela, and she is waiting there with them, just over the rainbow bridge.

They don't really have a place to go yet and really don’t know yet what they are waiting for.

They are the ones that we couldn’t save, the ones that ran out of time in the shelters before we found homes for them all.

Nela told me, as we took that journey to her final hours, that I shouldn’t be sad because I couldn’t save her, because she wasn’t meant to be saved. She was chosen, chosen to be the one that would come to me so that I would keep my eyes open to the journey before me and stay my course.

The day will arrive where my journey here will end, and I’ll make my way to you. I’ll cross that rainbow bridge and they will be there waiting for me. They will know me, and I will know them and when you see them, you will know them too.

Until then, I will not hide from them or fear their loss and allow it to take me off my path, instead, I am comfortable knowing that they are waiting for me to lead them to you, my halfway huskies in heaven, where they too, will be longer halfway home.

RIP my sweet Nela. I’ll see you again someday, over the rainbow bridge.

F you cancer. F you.

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