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Husky cuddle puddle anyone??

I am waiting on some numbers, but we have raised around 11k of the 25k needed to get our match! 15 more to go and it seems so so so hard and so so far away...

It’s Giving Tuesday guys, can you ask your friends and family to help?

I’ll tell you what, anyone that can donate $100 or more today is going to get to experience this, huskies all over you giving kisses and saying thank you! Just let me know you donated $100 and when you want to visit and FYI, I don't let people in with the huskies. It looks cute until they are scratching your skin, and you are eating dirty paw.

So, what do you say, would you donate $100 to be surrounded by huskies like me in the video? We have a 25k match and with the money, we are going to buy spay and neuter equipment. Please donate! I am down to 8 hours to hit that match!!

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