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Guys!!! Meet Taylor!

Taylor is an official H3 Halfway Hub!! Taylor works mostly with our shepskys and husky mixes. Like Britney, Taylor fosters multiple of our huskies at once and does the work needed to find them homes. She also stays in touch with her families and it working to become her own H3 someday. Taylors hub is in Minnesota and she is taking these two cuties we pulled from Apple Valley up to a snowy state to find them the perfect home. Taylor has 3 more of our kiddos turning her H3 pack into 5.

Like at Britney’s house, these kids get a bit more small setting, family style socializing.

Taylor Ziegler has her own H3 FB page called H3MN - A Husky Halfway HUB and will begin posting stories with the halfway huskies but on her side of the country. Do us a huge favor and follow the H3 MN page. The huskies in MN needs your eyes on them too and appreciate your support.

Just like H3 Puppy Boot Camp - A Program of Husky Halfway House, H3MN is a legit page ran by yours truly, Jenni Dietsch HBIC, owned by H3 but managed by Taylor and any money or supplies donated to Taylor all goes through H3 and is legit and tax deductible. You can trust that Taylor follows H3 guidelines and runs her hub the way Britney does, the right way.

Over time Taylor hopes to learn how to run and build her hub like what we have here in Oklahoma and help save huskies on her side as well as find all the husky savvy homes up there in her husky savvy weather. Now let’s all welcome Taylor officially to H3. Once again, please follow Taylor’s page. You will be seeing us mention her more now that she has earned her way in. The snow dogs up there much appreciate you! Together, till they all have homes.

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