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Got a foster for my mama

And the rescue ride shall be epic.

We will leave in the morning.

Everyone, please cross your fingers that she will not have babies tonight and will at least wait until I can load her into the impact crate in the morning. We have a 30 hour drive. 😬.

Because she cannot stay here.

Cross them please🤞 🤞🤞

This is Mama Rose. Her and her babies were literally dumped on me last week and I really, really had no choice. I could not say no, she was already at my doorstep.

So here she is, about to take my number up by more than my license will allow.

Can I just ask that they be huskies so they will get adopted a little faster? I already have to put that many adult homes on hold for them. 😞.

Can I get that spay and neuter clinic please? This is my panic guys, this is why I am pushing to get 100 of these dogs into foster and adoptive homes. We need to focus on our spay and neuter clinic.

With that said,

I am happy to go back to waiving fees for adoptions and transports with approved applications.

So adopt guys, now is your time. We will bring them to your door. and will figure out how to pay for it. We need homes bad.

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