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Let’s talk about rescue, specifically H3. My story telling isn’t as great as Jenni’s but I hope you know this is coming from me and this is my voice.

This is a big operation with a lot of daily and monthly expenses such as: Mortgage Van payment Insurance car/ building Monthly medications Food Employees Electric Trash/ poop pick up Supplies/ repairs

Donations come in but they go out even faster, Jenni is always working hard to keep this place going and always finding ways to grow and improve. She works hard for you to hear her and believe in her mission and is always begging for donations. So please hear us both. Help us free up our time by not having to beg anymore. The other day when Caroline was admitted to the hospital and we were told she only had a 20% chance to live and that this was the worst case this doctor has ever seen. My heart dropped to my stomach what made it worse was then she told us it would cost $5,000 to even try to save her.

Those odds are hard to stomach, and to make a decision with that information is even harder. When a situation like this presents itself you have to think about every aspect of it and money is one of them. I hate that this was even a thought, but it still has to be right now. We have so many other responsibilities and 185 huskies to take care of and keep providing for while they wait for their forever home. Care would never be denied to one of our dogs, but to know we wouldn’t be able to pay the mortgage to provide that care isn’t fair.

I am so thankful we made the call and Caroline is happy, healthy and thriving and I am so grateful we are able to raise the funds to cover that bill.

This was the first time I was ever in this position to make calls like this for the rescue and honestly it was an awful experience. I don’t know how Jenni does it, the emotions you feel the sheer panic that sets in on all fronts. Ones where you just want to hide away but know you can’t, you have to stay strong and put one foot in front of the other.

So my ask to you, all of you. Please sign up for $10 monthly support if we all stand together and give a little each monthly it all adds up and it will let Jenni rescue freely. We all know she will do just that, she’s shown us over and over again. 800 huskies saved and currently 185 in our care. Let’s give her the support she needs to keep this big operation running with a little less stress.

Let’s all do this together until they all have homes.

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michele crowley
michele crowley
Aug 08, 2023

I believe in this rescue, try to help as much as I can, grateful for everything you do!

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