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That face though... this is Faith. That pretty little thing with a broken pelvis, a huge gash in her forehead and a light in front of her leading to a new life, where family and love is all she will ever think about, ever again!

Last week this girl was rescued off of a euthanasia list in a Calif shelter and while I couldn’t rescue her myself, I really wanted to so decided that I could, at least, step up to help the rescue that did.

Little Big Paws Pet Rescue is a new California rescue and has already rescued more California huskies in just a few weeks that I have seen anyone do since I started rescuing! Doing big things for the Cali huskies already. We need it so, so bad. It’s such a huge problem over there and not enough husky rescues to get it done.

Do me a huge favor guys and click on the rescues page and give them a follow. The only way they will continue to be able rescue like this is with support and it starts with a simple follow!

If you can go one step further and can help us with Faiths medical bill, there could be a huge box of husky cuteness in exchange.

H3 is selling waffle tickets for a box of H3 merch to include an H3 2023 Calendar, an poop bag holder, a husky stuffy to cuddle with and 3 husky keychains ohh and a paw print keychain and dont forget the Husky Coffee Company coffee. 2 bags! I’ll leave some photos in the comments and here is the link! The waffle ticket sales end at Midnight central time this Friday, the ticket will be drawn Saturday via Halfway husky and every dime of the ticket sales for this week is going to Faith. Every dime. You in? Here is the link. It’s just $5 and it means the girl in the picture gets her life back.

Thank you so much for your helping in supporting Faith's rescue. I cannot wait to meet her. I am hoping to when I travel to Cali next week to rescue a few myself. My next pic of Faith will hopefully be a selfie.

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1 Comment

Mar 11, 2023

Thanks to you both for saving this beautiful girl!

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