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Cody says 👅 to strep zoo.

Cody is back to his normal self after first surviving a CA shelter and then beating strep zoo. He did it. HE DID IT!

This kid has no idea how close he came. No clue. All I can say is he better live to be 20. I am not sure if I talked much about Cody. Alot of this week was a blur in hopes it would just be a nightmare I could wake up from. We lost Saturn that afternoon when he died on our way to the hospital and when we got back I could tell Cody wasn’t doing good so we took him in to OVS where he spent 3 days on antibiotics and fluids fighting this thing. He tested positive for flu but I know he had strep zoo. It had a few distinct looks to it as I watched who was getting the strep and who was just getting the flu. The strep zoo started with a cough for a few days so I wasn’t worried, we thought kennel cough but then they got fevers. That was Friday night. Within 12 hours of them collapsing they are down to their last breathes. The stinking Body Armour and a bottle of rymadil we had on hand is what kept us from losing only 4. We didn’t get our hands on enough meds for everyone until Monday so we were treating the fevers but not the bacteria. Once we started everyone on antibiotics we could tell it was subsiding. The ones with the flu were recovering quick and we were able to save the ones with strep zoo. About 10% of them got it. This has been one of my worst nightmares.

Anyway. He made it. He is back to his sassy self.

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