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Best Travel Buddy

He seriously is the best. Do you have a great road trip dog? Honestly, it’s the shep in him, a husky would have been trying to drive already.

Let’s hear your road trip stories! Tell me the whole story! It’s a free way to earn money for the huskies! Seriously! FB pays the huskies for your comments and stories on my posts. So, please head on over there and tell us all about it!

My most memorable is when I rescued my NJ five. They screamed, every one of them, the entire drive home. So much so that I couldn’t even stop to sleep so I drove from Newark NJ to Eufaula, OK with zero rest. You know, husky style.

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michele crowley
michele crowley
Jul 28, 2023

Was Kai one of the Jersey 5 I have to watch that video again of you guys singing together,on road trip hilarious?!

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