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Before You Judge

These huskies have 4 kennels they can go in and out of and choose to gather into one. I don't give them beds or toys because they destroy them and fight. But I want them to have beds! Bad!! But they destroy them!!!! SO, they only get them in the main house during phase two quarantine. It's the adoption center that needs beds.

Ohh and if you want the place cleaner than I'll be expecting a volunteer form from you.

And well, there are 200 dogs here, so how do I pay for 200 beds that are supposed to be chew proof?

I ask for your help, that's how.

They are on the Wishlist. Winter is coming and I would like to give them all an elevated bed. I know they are pricey but those cooleroo beds DO NOT WORK for them. They destroy them in seconds! Can we give these a try? Pretty please?

Wishlist link

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I sent an email to see if you could use some toys that my husky no longer uses. Melissa said yes so I sent a large box full, but it looks like toys are an issue because they would fight over them. I can totally see that. I was thinking they would go in their individual rooms, but how do you have room that each dog would have their own room with 200 dogs. I wasn’t thinking. Maybe give a few to the newly adopted so they will have something in their crate to keep them entertained while they travel to their new furever home? It would be great if slowly you can get some beds through donations. I was…

Mi piace

They like being with all their brothers and sisters. They don't want to be alone 🙂

Mi piace
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