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When I walked up to this kid's kennel at Riverside and saw that he has a bit of mange and had been completely shaved, I knew what kind of life he had been leading. He demanded, and I mean demanded, that I save him.

So I did.

He and four others from Riverside and Apple Valley shelters will be here this afternoon to join the 18 others that got their lives back this week.

Join me LIVE tonight when they roll in.

Estimated to be around 4pm CST. I’ll try to give you all as much heads up as possible. Would love to have you help me welcome the 23 new kids that found themselves halfway home instead of being poked by a lethal needle.

I can’t wait to properly hug this sass. See you all around 4pm!

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YES!!! SO happy! I love this all white one!!!! I will be on to welcome all of them 1/2 way home!! I can’t wait! I will be shedding happy tears!!! This will be such an exciting night to watch & celebrate!! I will open up a bottle of champagne to celebrate this huge achievement!! WELL DONE!!!


Awwww he is a sassy beauty, cannot wait to see all of them tonight! 💓💓💓💓

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