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What’s the coolest thing you have ever done with your husky?

We wrote a book!

We had the best help with some amazing friends from Pine Ridge Siberians and Cameo Anderson - Writer / Illustrator. The books characters are our own personal dogs and the book is to help the halfway huskies get home faster by learning how to be sled dogs.

When we all got together to create this book we decided that Husky Halfway House would get every dime that it brings.

So, will you buy one?

Amazing art, fun adventures learning how to be sled dogs and all to help get these huskies home.

Get one here: Mushing Halfway Home | Husky Halfway House

For all of you that have purchased copies from the presale, the huskies and I will pawtograph the books and have them in the mail no later than Monday. Thank you so so much for your support!

#books #halfwayhome #mushinghalfwayhome #huskyrescue

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