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What’s One More

This is what it looks like when we are going to rescue 12 and we turn it into 19 real fast! The motto that week was “but what’s one more” until we had zero room left in the van besides the space for us to sleep 🤣 that’s okay as soon as we crossed into Oklahoma we stopped and filled the van with additional dogs since we no longer needed our sleeping space.

This year we have 50k match from Bethany and many opportunities for you to help us reach this goal!

Bethany will donate $1,000 for every approved adoption application, $500 for every approved foster application.

So I’m here to remind you we have 220 huskies still looking for a forever home and with that home is a $1,000 donation to the rescue for every husky that gets adopted this week! So can you help us?

Venmo, paypal and Zelle:

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