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Its Five Dollar Friday and Christmas time, it’s tax deduction time is such a great day to beg for you to help me save some husky lives. Begging is hard! Keeping this place going everyday is hard! But today is easy!! Because it’s Christmas time and it’s five dollar Friday and we NEED you. 🙏

Ohh hi ❤️, and good morning ❤️, it’s the Friday before Christmas and there are just two more days to get it all done before that day hits where we spend our time with those we love.

This pretty husky is Ruby. Ruby crossed the rainbow bridge a few months ago but every single Christmas going forward will keep my mind flooded with her memory so here she is again to say good morning!

Ruby was an amazing dog and taught H3 and the rest of the world what true hero’s look like.

I miss her deeply and I have a strong feeling that will never change, even a little.

You know what else will never change? Our mission. Every day we will get up and fight for dogs like Ruby, every single day, till they ALL have homes.

But currently, we run on donations and caring for 250 huskies needs a full time team onsite 24/7 so we are pushing hard to build our own vet clinic so we can better care for the dogs we have and also care for the community through our planned spay and neuter programs and well, help provide the rescue sustainable income.

It’s $5 Friday and it’s Christmas time, can you spare a $5 to help us get to the big goal, our vet clinic? We still need at least 100 thousand dollars alone to get our build out done and that won’t include all the supplies.

Please help! I’ll just mention again that’s it’s Christmas and $5 Friday, a great excuse to spend a tax deductible donation on your favorite husky rescue.

You in?

We have a raffle going for a cute husky pen and keychain. So that 5 can get you something in return!

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