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We Need Help with the Book's Name!

You know that children’s book Cassandra and I have been writing?

Well, we would like your help!

Last year I visited Pine Ridge Siberians and met Cassandra and her huskies and left there thinking how cool it would be if I could take my own huskies up there so her huskies can teach mine how to mush. .

Great thought. Not practical.

So, I asked her if she wanted to write a children’s book with me. She has written multiple children's books about her dogs and between her stories and the artwork Cameo Anderson - Writer / Illustrator does, I just knew I wanted to work with these women.

So here we are. And now we need your help!

Cassy and I haven’t titled our book yet and wanted to see if any of you have any ideas!?

Throw some ideas for book titles at us so we can choose our favorites! We would love your help!

The book is about a small pack of halfway huskies going to PRS to learn how to mush so maybe, just maybe, they might get adopted faster.

They are sled dogs after all!

There is adventure and humor and amazing art and every character in the book is one of our own. My personal pack of huskies and Cassie’s personal pack.

So.. any cute ideas? Cassandra has posted this on her page as well, so we will get together and compare and share and choose our favorite title.

Can’t wait to hear what you come up with.

And go!!!

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