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We Met at Loves

They met at the Loves. Life and love begins at the Loves and happens a lot! We don’t always end up at your home! We do GPS map it though.

There is a lot of talk and drama out there about the home check that adoption services require so this is a great time to talk about that.

H3 does not require a home check. If I have ever visited your home, have I ever made you feel like I was getting into your business? Because rarely do I even go inside. The main piece on a home check that I require Britney to do is check the location in the map and make sure I, or she isn’t driving into a dangerous situation.We as a team keep GPS tags on each other and the van. My biggest concern would come when I pull up to your home and dont see one.

Since I don't require a fence, I only go in and help with that if you have one and invite me.

Most of the time I do home drop offs I have a van load of dogs with me and the family is always thrilled to let 10 huskies run in their backyard.

Anyway, there is a little drama going around right now where Britney and my team are being bashed for home checks. Because rescue isn’t hard enough.

Well, if you have a problem with Britney, myself, Mike, Melissa or Rob showing up at your door with the dog you just adopted then please do not apply. This isn’t about inspecting your home, it’s about knowing where my dog is. So, tell me, has myself, Britney, Rob, Mike or Melissa been to your home?

Tell me about it. How did it make you feel?

#huskyrescue #homecheck #adoptme

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