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Warning. HBIC is venting again!

But really if more people understand what really goes on in Rescue maybe so much time wouldn’t be wasted.

You see this look on my face? It’s become a permanent thing. Not one day goes by that makes it better. Every day, just when I think I have heard it all, just when I think people couldn’t surprise me more, they do.

This morning I get the message from the adopter who lost my dog, telling me he is washing his hands of her and h3 because of our lack of communication and efforts to drive the 5 hours where she lives and trap her after sending my entire team multiple times to his home, talking to neighbors, spending hours walking the town, leaving food, calling her name and what is this guy done? Nothing except complain about how she didn’t warm up to him fast enough.

For some reason he thinks he is entitled to just hold on to her until he screws it up then expect us to come and fix it.

PEOPLE ARE KILLING ME. I am sooooo f’ing DONE!

Did you seriously just say you were washing your hands of the dog you adopted because you can’t catch her and blaming our lack of communication after we spent 20 hours out there trying to trap are driving there multiple days taking five hour trips at a time? guess what buddy you’re getting a bill for the gas and the time and the adoption fee that you still haven’t paid .

Do you want to adopt from me and act like this? Please don’t because I’m gonna give you hell I’m going to make sure you wished you had never heard of husky Halfway House and I’m going to make sure that every adoption agency on the planet knows how you treat dogs.

Have a great fing day. Because every day and Rescue just gets better and better over here.

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