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Want to hear Rubys rescue story?

She and I were talking about it in that dream I had the other night where she visited me. She told me to show you her pictures so you can see that she had already been to hell so going into battle to take down April Addison and help save the other 47 victims, was a piece of cake. She did say April hurt her but she said that she took it well, that it wasn’t about her, it was about the other 47 that needed out of that hell.

This is Rubys story.

It wasn’t me that rescued her. She had been on the street after being hit by a car for a few months. The street rescuers that saved her were told over and over that they needed to euthanize her, but they refused. They saw purpose in those eyes, they just had no idea that purpose was to help take down a monster.

Ruby was thrown out into the streets of Mexico by her owner who refused to provide medical care. She sat in on the streets in HORRIFIC PAIN, according to the vet, until her bones healed together enough to make her lose feeling completely. She sat there for two months.

Her rescuers took her to safety and got the medical care she needed and then began looking for a rescue to help. I wanted to say no. I knew that I couldn’t care for this girl the way I wanted to and I already had another husky here that didn’t have use of his legs, to find a home for. What was I going to do for this little girl?

But that same night I dreamed about her, and she asked me kindly to help her. She said she wouldn’t be taking too much of my time, and that she just needed a halfway home until her mission was to begin, a mission to take down a monster and help save 47 others.

This was Rubys rescue story. On my next post, I’ll tell you how I met her and about the days she was here with us at H3.

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