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Trigger Warning

To my Halfway huskies in heaven,

It’s bedtime and I so want to tell you a story, I wish I could tell you face to face but it’s not time for me to leave here yet. While I wait for that day, till we meet again, I am sending you another gift, a gift that will be delivered by an Angel. Another one of you. Hold your gift close to you, it’s a piece of my heart. Each one of you has one. It binds us together and keeps us close, until that day comes when I join you all, over the rainbow bridge.

Today you will meet Hope. When you meet her, she will share her memories and give you your gift. She will remind you of my love for you and how by giving your life, you saved two more. Hope will be nervous, but she has you to help her. I bet she does it quickly, she is by far one of the strongest huskies I have known. In no time she will be appointing herself HBIC. Give her that roll, she deserves it. When you see her ask her to tell you her crazy stories! Stories of how she has been here before. How she survived a shelter kill list, then survived an unspeakable abuse, one where she found herself back on a kill list and on the brink of death from neglect, but wait, then she got cancer and had to have her leg amputated and then, just now before she got to meet you, she got more cancer and suffered spinal injuries.

But don’t worry about her. You will love her strength and her passion for life, she will talk about it often. I am honored to have given it to her and honored to have given her a family. Now that your pack has grown and you have each other, I find comfort knowing that you are all living your best heavenly life, together, just as you did here on earth with me and the other halfway huskies.

Rest in peace my sweet Hope. Until I see you again, over the rainbow bridge. -Bryce Dudley

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