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To my angel puppy

Flynn/ Lumi, you will be missed so much earth side, gone way to soon 7/4/2023 - 12/3/23

I wish I could have protected you from this but your momma called you home to her. You had some amazing adventures while here, your mom dad, me and Trish all loved you so much and I’m so glad that’s all you knew in this world.

Lumi’s kidneys failed him, the doctor said it looked like he had 14 year old cat kidneys and he was unfortunately born this way.

When I found out I went into total shock, this couldn’t be real I was just with him a month ago, I wanted to wake up from this nightmare but it’s only gotten worse. I texted Trish to let her know as she is the one that bottle fed, loved and saved our legacy puppies. This lead her to take her puppy Luca into KEY, she ran blood work and it came back awful, so they did an x-ray and unfortunately he is here on borrowed time as he was also born this way, we don’t know how much but I know Trish is going to make the most of it and all Luca will ever know is love.

The nightmare continues as I call all of the other families to tell them the news and that it’s best to get everyone in for blood work. The hardest phone calls I’ve ever had to make.

Smalls now Ghost kidneys are failing just like his brother Luca and he is also here on borrowed time. Torri, her kidneys are bad, but she will survive and she will just need a special diet, bloodwork every 6 months and a urinalysis once a year. Melly, we believe is the same as Torri but that will be confirmed tomorrow by ultrasound. Dex and Arie we aren’t sure yet, I’m trying to stay positive, we will know soon.

I still haven’t woken up from this nightmare, I apologize for my silence/ absence I am just trying to push one day at a time. This isn’t how it’s supposed to ever be, they’re supposed to live many years but at the very least they’re supposed to leave this world with me and not make it home and only get forever for a month. I’m so thankful for my families and I’m beyond grateful I got to stop and give Lumis mom a hug and tell her how grateful I am that he had her.

So I cannot stress this enough how much this spay and neuter clinic means to us. I can handle the losses but when does it stop? I don’t want to handle it anymore, I want to prevent this from happening. My puppies and my families don’t deserve this, us as the rescuers don’t deserve this. This pain cuts so deep, we take every loss hard and they always take a piece of our heart with them.

RIP Lumi go enjoy being with your momma, have fun with my angels Mazikeen, Aurora, Winny and Chucky. Don’t be scared, they’ve got you and I’ll see you all again one day.

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